Working with Alterline to embed patient-centricity
  • July 2, 2019

Working with Alterline to embed patient-centricity

As patient-centricity becomes increasingly important to the pharmaceutical business model, methods that enable deeper and more personal connections to patients’ lives are crucial.

Alterline is a specialist, qualitative research consultancy working to embed patient-centric practices. Our approach is based upon a fundamental principle: patients are first and foremost people; people who live complex, emotional and demanding lives. True patient-centricity means getting to know patients at a personal level, and a commitment to capturing a genuinely holistic view of their lives.

Alterline in brief

  • Provides bespoke qualitative research studies
  • Experts in understanding people (patients) and their lives
  • Small, dedicated team of research professionals
  • Based in the UK, with international reach
  • Work across a range of conditions, but particularly skilled at reaching small patient populations.

Where can Alterline help?

Pre-clinical phase I trials

Identifying where new treatments   would be most valued
Motivating and engaging teams with patient-centricity
Guiding clinical trial development
Phase II and III clinical trials

Guiding decisions on end-points and product attributes
Helping understand how treatments fit into patients’ everyday lives
Feeding into branding, positioning, and marketing strategies to maximise potential

Understanding how patients want to receive information and support







Below you will find links to two recent case studies, which should help give you a flavour of some of our recent work with pharmaceutical clients:


Finding out more

For more information about our work and to discuss how our range of qualitative techniques can help you get closer to patients’ lives, please contact:

Ben Hickman, Research Director,

+44 0161 605 0862