New project announcement: The Brain Tumour Charity

We are delighted to working again with The Brain Tumour Charity on another strategic intelligence project looking at quality of life issues and the patient experience.

This project follows on from work we undertook nearly five years’ ago generating new, robust evidence about the lives of families affected by a brain tumour. This ground-breaking research included a largescale quantitative survey followed by in-depth qualitative work through online diaries and interviews. Based on this primary research, a full intelligence report was produced, alongside two public reports ‘Losing myself’ and ‘Finding myself in your hands’. This project was followed by a specific, under-18 research project with a broadly similar approach and range of outputs.

Following the research, the charity moved forward with a five-year strategy ‘Defeating brain tumours’ with two clear goals: double survival within ten years and halve the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life. The research has been used both strategically and tactically over the past five years, informing a range of activities and services including fundraising campaigns, engagement with clinicians and the development of support services.

We are now working with the team at the charity to undertake a fresh programme of primary research, evaluating progress and impact since the last study, and helping to shape and inform the charity’s next five years.