New brand for the Bone Cancer Research Trust: ‘Until there’s a cure’
  • May 5, 2020

New brand for the Bone Cancer Research Trust: ‘Until there’s a cure’

The Bone Cancer Research Trust has come on an incredible journey since it was founded by a dedicated group of bereaved parents in 2006. To date, they have funded research projects totalling over £2.2m and offered vital support to affected families.

Approaching their 10th anniversary, the charity commissioned Alterline to help develop a new strategy and brand to ensure Bone Cancer Research Trust continues to have an impact and meet the needs of the people they exist to support.

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Understanding the audiences

The charity knew a successful strategy and brand would need to be rooted in the needs of patients, families, healthcare professionals and the researchers they support. We conducted extensive research with people who have primary bone cancer as well as their families, to help understand the impact of the condition on their lives. The charity’s key stakeholders were also consulted to understand their perceptions and expectations of the organisation.

Developing the strategy and brand

Following the audience research, the charity’s staff and trustees were brought together for a series of workshops to investigate the findings and start to develop the strategic position and brand. The outputs of these sessions were shaped by Alterline in to a new vision, mission and values.


'Until there's a cure'

We developed a brand that is built on a simple, bold core idea: ‘until there’s a cure’. The concept of ‘hope’ is at the heart of this. The Bone Cancer Research Trust will not stop championing and funding life-saving research ‘until there’s a cure’. In the meantime, ‘they will be there for people living with and beyond the disease'.