Life with Osteoporosis: the untold story
  • October 13, 2019

Life with Osteoporosis: the untold story

Osteoporosis is often referred to as ‘the silent condition’. It’s time to break the silence.

It is estimated that around 3 million people in the UK have osteoporosis, a condition which can devastate lives and rob people of their independence, mobility and quality of life. The National Osteoporosis Society commissioned Alterline to undertake the largest UK study of what life is like for people with osteoporosis. Thousands of people took part in our landmark research project and told us their stories.

The findings are based on the experiences of over 3,200 people who completed our detailed questionnaire, and the 52 people who took part in an in-depth interview or kept a personal diary.

57% of the people surveyed had fractured at least once, with 1 in 3 people who have fractured reporting five or more.

Moving and inspiring stories have been brought to life through a published report and series of videos which tell the hither to untold story of life with osteoporosis.

The project attracted great interest from NOS supporters with some high-profile attention on social media from key charity patrons including Mary Berry and Clarence House.

The research findings and report were launched at the Society’s annual lecture with a keynote address from former BBC newsreader and journalist, Jennie Bond. Following this Alterline and members of The National Osteoporosis Society attended a parliamentary event, hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Osteoporosis Group (APPOG) and headed by Sue MacGregor CBE, to discuss the implications of the research for people with the condition.

You can also listen to a recording of Dr Neil Gittoes, a consultant who specialises in osteoporosis and Christine Sharp, who was diagnosed with the condition, joining BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour to discuss the report here.

Working with Alterline on the Life with Osteoporosis project has been great, the team has worked with skill, commitment, enthusiasm and creativity to develop and deliver a piece of work of which we are justifiably proud. This project is set to influence the way we work across all our major operations from fundraising through influencing public policy to our information and support. 
Nina Copping, Strategic Development Director, National Osteoporosis Society