Evidence and engagement drive new strategic direction for National Osteoporosis Society
  • February 23, 2019

Evidence and engagement drive new strategic direction for National Osteoporosis Society

Since it was founded in 1986 the National Osteoporosis Society has come on an amazing journey and achieved a great deal for the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis in the UK.

Approaching their 30th anniversary, the charity commissioned Alterline to support the development of a new strategic direction to ensure the organisation tackles the need and achieves impact into the future.

Alterline used a model of evidence and engagement to work with the charity to develop its new strategic direction.

Evidence and engagement steps

The charity knew a successful strategy would need to be rooted in strong evidence and include:

• the needs and perceptions of people with the condition
• the views of healthcare professionals and researchers
• a review of the competitive landscape and
• a deep understanding of best practice in the fields in which the charity operates.

To gather this evidence, we:

1. Undertook primary quantitative and qualitative research with people with osteoporosis to both understand the impact of the condition and people’s specific needs and perceptions

2. Conducted a competitive landscape review and desktop research on best practice in the fields of ‘cure’, ‘prevention’ and ‘support’.

3. Facilitated a rapid SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) review of the charity and a consideration of potential changes to the external environment in which the charity operates

4. Engaged the charity’s key stakeholders through facilitated engagement workshop(s) to understand their perceptions and expectations of the organisation.

Developing the strategic direction

Following these evidence and engagement steps, we held a series of workshops with the charity’s leadership team, interspersed with sessions with the board of trustees.  The purpose of the workshops was to investigate the findings from the evidence and engagement and to build the new strategic direction.  The workshops were designed and facilitated by Alterline, and the outputs shaped by Alterline into a new vision, mission and set of goals, together with an accompanying evidence-based rationale.

“Alterline carried out excellent primary and desktop research. They facilitated workshops that were creative and positive, but also gave us a good level of challenge for developing our new strategic direction. Moreover, the sessions were incredibly valuable for engaging staff and stakeholders, which will greatly help us in implementing the new strategy. Alterline’s approach was thoughtful yet pragmatic and we were very pleased to have selected them as our partner for this work.”
Claire Severgnini - Chief Executive, National Osteoporosis Society


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