About Us

We are an insight and intelligence agency, founded nearly 10 years’ ago, who believe in the power of evidence-based decision making. We have extensive experience across a number of sectors with a particular focus on higher education and healthcare.

In healthcare we’ve worked on projects with the NHS, third-sector organisations and the private sector. We specialise in understanding, in depth, the lives of people that matter most to our clients and combining that with our knowledge of the business objectives to produce powerful insights and actionable intelligence that underpin and drive service development, organisational strategies and policy initiatives.

Today, more than ever, we face an uncertain future as we wonder what the “new normal” will look like. These challenging times will be particularly demanding in the health sector and will require organisations to be smart, nimble and innovative. We understand this and offer focused and cost-effective support and consultancy. Changing the way we do things is always tough – it needs experience, care, passion, intelligence, creativity and challenge – we have that mix!

Alterline Health in brief

  • Provides bespoke qualitative and quantitative research studies
  • Experts in understanding people (patients) and their lives
  • Small, dedicated team of research professionals
  • Based in the UK, with international reach
  • Work across a range of conditions, but particularly skilled at reaching small patient populations
  • We work for health charities, the NHS, private health and pharma companies.

Research methods and approaches

We work from a comprehensive 'research toolbox', choosing the appropriate mix of methods for the topic and patient group. For example:

Quantitative surveys
Robust, bespoke surveys, polls and trackers
Online qualitative research
Innovative online focus groups and in-depth research communities
Desk research
Reviews and synthesis of academic literature and secondary data
In-home observation of people's lives and behaviours
Mobile diaries and videos
Innovative diary and 'selfie' video studies

Case studies and projects

Quality of Life

What’s life really like for your beneficiaries in a world struggling to manage Covid-19?

Why is evidence on beneficiaries’ lives mission-critical for charities today? Patients are first and foremost people; people who live complex, emotional and demanding lives – never more so than today. Research that listens openly to people’s experience of their health…

New project announcement: The Brain Tumour Charity We are delighted to working again with The Brain Tumour Charity on another strategic intelligence project looking at quality of life issues and the patient experience. This project follows on from work we…

New brand for the Bone Cancer Research Trust: ‘Until there’s a cure’

The Bone Cancer Research Trust has come on an incredible journey since it was founded by a dedicated group of bereaved parents in 2006. To date, they have funded research projects totalling over £2.2m and offered vital support to affected…

‘Life with a Brain Tumour’ project – the real lives of adults and children with brain tumours

Research commissioned by The Brain Tumour Charity leads to new insights on the real lives of adults and children with brain tumours, and 3 reports looking at Life with a Brain Tumour. The Brain Tumour Charity is at the forefront…

Life with Osteoporosis: the untold story

Osteoporosis is often referred to as ‘the silent condition’. It’s time to break the silence. It is estimated that around 3 million people in the UK have osteoporosis, a condition which can devastate lives and rob people of their independence,…

experiences of clinical trials

The Evidence Multiplier report explores using patients’ experiences of clinical trials to maximise knowledge and drive future success.

Because Alterline has undertaken such extensive work on patient experience, it was surprising for us to discover the lack of attention that has been paid to this area of practice within clinical research − particularly given the enormous variation that…

Working with Alterline to embed patient-centricity

As patient-centricity becomes increasingly important to the pharmaceutical business model, methods that enable deeper and more personal connections to patients’ lives are crucial. Alterline is a specialist, qualitative research consultancy working to embed patient-centric practices. Our approach is based upon…

Hidden Heartache – The untold story of bowel cancer

  Every year in the UK more than 41,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer and it’s the second biggest cancer killer. But if diagnosed early, more than nine in ten people survive. Beating Bowel Cancer is the UK’s leading…

Report: Meningitis and Me

‘Meningitis and Me’: new findings on the devastating impact of the disease inform strategic vision

It is estimated that around 500,000 people in the UK have had meningitis, an infectious disease that can kill within hours and for those that survive, the after-effects can be devastating and lifelong.  We worked in partnership with the charity…

National Osteoporosis Society: using evidence, empathy and collaboration to reshape support and information

The National Osteoporosis Society has an aim that through their work ‘people with osteoporosis are empowered to make choices and manage their condition in ways that best meet their own needs’. Many health charities have a similar ambition, but what…